The Blue Buffalo Veterinary Clinical Trials Office (BBVCTO)

The mission of the Blue Buffalo Veterinary Clinical Trials Office (BBVCTO)* is to help animals and people live longer, healthier lives by evaluating effective interventions to prevent and treat illness.

*The clinical trial office name does not indicate support or use of Blue Buffalo products in clinical trials.


Advancing the Health of Animals and Humans

Established in 2007 and housed in the Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center (VMC), our clinical trials office is one of the largest established and reputable clinical trials offices in the country, providing unmatched services, and overseeing over 30 to 50 clinical trials each year on client-owned animals with naturally occurring diseases. These trials drive the discovery and translation of innovative ideas. Knowledge gained from these trials have resulted in new treatments for cancer (lymphoma), heart disease, kidney disease and more.

The BBVCTO partners with the Ohio State Comprehensive Cancer Center – James Cancer Hospital and Solove Research Institute, and the Center for Clinical and Translational Sciences to provide a comprehensive approach to improving both animal and human health. 

How do I enroll my pet in a clinical trial?

Learn more about your pets eligibility and the benefits of participation. We are grateful to all of our pet heroes for helping advance science and impacting countless animal and human patients.

Biospecimen Repository

The Biospecimen Repository collects samples from animals affected by a variety of illnesses and stores them for future use by investigators. These samples are incredibly valuable to researchers working to propel ground-breaking advances. The BBVCTO is the only center in the country supported by both the National Institutes of Health (NIH) Clinical Translational Science Award and a National Cancer Institute (NCI) Comprehensive Cancer Center Support Grant. 

Hundreds of animal participants are enrolled in BBVCTO clinical trials across the entire Ohio State University Veterinary Health System, which provides care for more than 72,000 canine, feline, equine and farm animal patients each year. 


Roxie dog by Sydney Treglia

Veterinary clinical trials are a unique opportunity to contribute to progress in medicine. Knowledge from clinical trials not only improve the lives of your pet and other pets, but also impact countless humans. Here are some highlights of the publications of clinical trials made possible thanks to our Pet Heroes.