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Galbreath Equine Center


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24 hours / 7 days a week (including holidays)

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685 Vernon L. Tharp Street

Columbus, OH 43210

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World-class care for all equids

Primary, specialty, emergency critical care all in one location

Considered one of the finest equine hospitals in the world, Ohio State’s Galbreath Equine Center offers state-of-the-art, comprehensive diagnosis and care of all horse breeds and disciplines. We offer the most advanced diagnostic and treatment options for the most minor to the most severe injuries and ailments, while concurrently conducting research that advances the equine breeds and their human partnerships.

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Equine service highlights

  • Routine equine services

  • Surgery and lameness services

  • Critical and emergency services

  • Sports medicine and rehabilitation care

  • Reproductive care

  • Neonatal care

  • Ophthalmology services

  • Diagnostic services

  • Specialized equipment and technology

Experience a Virtual Visit

We invite you to view a brief video to get an idea of what to expect from your visit to our Galbreath Equine Hospital.

Your Visit

Before we welcome you and your horse to our Galbreath Equine Center for the first time, we wanted to provide information, from scheduling through the time of discharge from our hospital, to give you a full overview of what you can expect from your visit.  

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You do not need a referral to schedule appointments with our equine on farm or in-hospital specialty services. Our customer service team members will assist you and gather all necessary information. If your personal veterinarian should be the one to call to schedule the appointment for you, we will obtain as much information about your horse from them and call you if additional information is needed.

Please bring a list of your horse’s medications, dosage amount, how long your horse has been taking the medications, information about prior surgeries or other treatments, and please be prepared to explain the symptoms you are noticing your horse to be experiencing. It is also important to bring your personal veterinarian contact information and any copies of recent diagnostic test results. If transportation personnel will be delivering your horse, please provide them with the necessary information and your contact information, including a personal phone number, so it can be shared at the time of registration.

The Galbreath Equine Center entrance is on the far west side of the Veterinary Medical Center building, closest to the intersection of Vernon L Tharp Street and John Herrick Drive. Please DO NOT unload your horse until you or your transportation personnel have checked in with the equine center office. When checking in, you/your personnel will need a government issued photo ID, provide an electronic signature upon registration, and provide further clarification about your horse’s situation. If a hauler/trucker brings your horse in, they will need to sign the registration form as your agent. After unloading your horse, with the assistance of Galbreath team members, you will be directed to park your vehicle in an available parking area. 

As an academic teaching facility and due to the nature of specialty services, wait times may be slightly longer than other veterinary care facilities. To provide the most comprehensive assessment, your horse may be examined by multiple professionals on the equine team. After an initial evaluation, a plan will be presented to you by the lead clinician on the case, explaining recommended diagnostic testing and/ treatment options, and cost estimates before moving forward with care. Once the care plan is agreed upon, you or your agent will sign the estimate form. If your horse is being cared for on an outpatient basis, a team member will escort you or your agent to a lobby area or your/their vehicle. to wait, if desired. If your horse is admitted, a team member will escort you or your agent to the equine office for the initial payment deposit, which is equal to 75% of the high end of the signed estimate, before we continue with your horse’s care. 

When your horse is ready to be discharged, you or your agent will be notified by a Galbreath team member. If your horse was seen as an outpatient, you or your agent will be asked to pay for all services rendered at the time of discharge. If your horse was hospitalized, any balance due from the initial estimate will be collected from you or your agent at discharge. Payments may be made by cash, check or credit card 9Visa, MasterCard, AMEX, Discover). We also accept Care Credit [link to apply provided in Additional Resources section below).

Whether your horse was an inpatient or outpatient visit, a clinical team member who cared for your horse, will meet with you to discuss the details of the visit, answer questions and review discharge and after-care instructions with you or your agent before your horse is returned to you/your transport personnel. Team members are available to assist with loading your horse onto the trailer.