Veterinary Medical Center Financial Policies & Requirements

We are dedicated to helping our clients care for their animals and realize that payment for treatment often is a concern. We ask that you please let us know in advance, before we start diagnosis and treatment, if you have budgetary limits. 

Please understand our financial requirements. As a state entity, rather than a for-profit privately-owned corporation, the Veterinary Medical Center system of hospitals is predominantly self-supporting. 

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The Estimating and Payment Process

You will receive a preliminary estimate in advance of any recommended diagnostic, medical or surgical procedures once the initial evaluation is completed. If your animal is transferred to another service within the Veterinary Medical Center system, you will receive an additional estimate for care under this new receiving service. It is very important to note, the estimate may be revised if results of diagnostic testing alter the plan for treatment or if complications arise related to a serious illness.

The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center operates on a payment-at-time-of-service basis for all outpatient office visits, spay, neuter, and other elective surgeries, prescription and lab services. 

This policy applies to both routine (primary) and specialty clinics.

A minimum deposit equal to 75% of the high end of the estimate range provided is required for all inpatient (hospitalized) cases prior to admissionFor example, if your estimate is $1,200-$1,400, you would be asked to leave a $1050 deposit

Please keep in mind that estimates and deposits can change if complications occur. Please ask how changes in your animal's condition will affect the cost of treatment. The required deposit may be higher based on the current estimate, your credit history, the urgent nature of your case, and other extenuating circumstances. 

Payment for the current balance of charges is due upon release of an inpatient from the hospital.


We do our best to provide a complete invoice at the time of discharge, but due to the nature and timing of certain procedures, all charges may not be posted at the time your pet or animal is discharged. In such instances, you will be billed for the remaining charges incurred for patient care during treatment of the animal, but posted in the billing system after release. 

These additional charges will be billed by mail and payment is expected within 30 days of billing (21% per annum interest will apply).

For your convenience, we do offer an online payment system


All hospital within the Veterinary Medical Center (VMC) system accept cash, checks (with valid ID), Discover, MasterCard, VISA, and American Express. 

We also accept Care Credit. If you have not been pre-approved for Care Credit, please apply here before your visit, and bring your Care Credit card with you to your animal's appointment.


Please note: The VMC reserves the right to refuse to provide care if an existing client's account is not current or a client is unable to pay for the services.

All prices subject to change. Questions? Please contact our accounting office at