Honoring the Bond: Support & Resources for Pet Owners

The mission of the Honoring the Bond Program is to recognize and honor the human-animal bond by providing support and resources to animal owners. Our social workers are here to help owners of animals being treated at The Ohio State Veterinary Medical Center. 

16th Annual Animal Remembrance Ceremony

Saturday, May 18, 2024 – 10 a.m.-noon (ceremony beginning promptly at 10 a.m.)

Hosted by the Veterinary Medical Center’s Honoring the Bond program, the Remembrance Ceremony provides a time to reflect and remember the beloved animals that have passed during the previous year. To learn more and register, please click tab to the right of this paragraph.

Event open to all caregivers of patients of the Veterinary Medical Center, including feline, canine, equine and farm animal patients who have passed during this year.


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Hours & Appointment Scheduling

Marissa Metzger, MSW, LISW is the veterinary social worker at The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center.

Social work services are available to owners of animal patients of The Ohio State University Veterinary Medical Center during weekdays, office hours vary.

To reach a social worker, please ask a client services representative or other member of your pet's medical team to contact us. You may also contact us, directly, at (614) 247-8607 or e-mail at

Click here to learn more about veterinary social work. 

The experience of losing a pet can be as similar to that as losing a human loved one. This video can help you gain a better understanding to grief and the grieving process.

Does your pet have special needs, behavioral or otherwise? The following videos can assist you with the emotions tied to the challenges of your pet care situation.

Support Group for VMC Clients: Living with Pet Behavioral Issues

Beginning in March 2024, the Honoring the Bond Program at the OSU Veterinary Medical Center will begin offering an in-person support group exclusively for clients of OSU's Veterinary Medical Center that are currently managing pets with behavioral needs.

The goal of the support group is to allow owners of animals with behavioral needs to get together and discuss the challenges they face, find a community of people that can relate to and understand the many ways owning an animal with behavioral needs impacts day to day life, learn different coping techniques, and have a safe space to feel supported by fellow pet owners in the community.

Please contact us at with any questions about the group. Additional support group offerings are not available at this time.

As of March 1, 2024 the Behavior Management Support Group is no longer accepting new members at this time. The current group will run until August 2024. Please check back to this page after this date for additional support group offerings or reach out to the email above for additional resources.